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    The New4P™ EcoSystem

    What is The New4P™ EcoSystem?

    • A customizable business growth system with a data science approach rooted in the mission of your business: the passion and purpose of the entrepreneur.
    •   Develops and deploys a business through brainstorming scientific queries, planning, analyzing, market tests, hypotheses, and implementation.
    •   Unravels your business past and current systems, practices, activities and operations to establish a better system to work for the future.
    • Blends reporting, A.I. and analytics to give specific insights into the current status of all your sales, marketing, business development, client service, and HR foundations to measure and predict ongoing growth.

    This Is The Chance You’ve Been Waiting For To Scale And Increase ROI Across All Departments.

    Drive Business Performance and Growth with Digital Lead Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Data Visualizations, and Social Marketing

    Steps To A Growth Breakthrough


    Whether you are running a current business or have a new business idea, in this free one hour phone Overview session you answer a few questions about your business to see if we are the right fit. If we are a good match, a follow-up Breakthrough session is scheduled.


    At the Breakthrough session, we  brainstorm your challenges and unique value across all levels of the business and fine-tune your best strategies. Then we schedule your Growth (BreakThrough) Game Plan meeting to bring together all the strategies you will implement for your Big Breakthrough!


    We run your business through an analysis process and return with your written Strategic Growth Plan, which includes a Business Model Plan, a Marketing Plan and a Sales Plan to maximize all the opportunities we see for growth and specific KPIs.


    Lastly, we roll out your Long-term Growth Plan with tactical ongoing milestones for adaptation to industry trends and the planned direction and projection of your business and financial growth. This frees up your time to work on other high impact areas of your business while your company growth is on auto-pilot.


    Get Started With A Free 1 Hour Biz Check-Up Overview.

    To Get On One Of These Evaluation Call Just Schedule The Time Below.

    During this call we discover the feasibility level for success with your current internal processes and external interaction with your market and industry. We will also discuss if invasive research is required and introduce some tactical plan creation and implementation processes.

    Why Trust Our Approach?

        • We ask a different set of questions to get the answers and results your competitors are not getting. For example, the secret to identifying the DNA customer persona that fits into your business model.
        •  We examine the historical footprints of your company and work our way to the present, to help you become more about your mission so you can lead your business and team from the front.
        • We employ growth strategies after developing a stronger foundation where your company could differentiate, stand and thrive.
        • We examine all stakeholders, employees and partners roles to define and numerate objectives to correct, streamline and scale the productivity of systems.
        • We conduct a holistic, in-depth study and re-positioning of your business feasibility, adaptability and predictability for success.
        • We integrate strategy, innovation, value, and credibility to build your reputation.
        • Our brainstorming is scientific and quickly clarify and identify issues so you can leverage and respond faster to address weaknesses and solve problems.
        • Our strategic planning help you to understand your immediate environment, so you can employ the right tools to achieve business goals faster.
        • Our process is flexible and simple and removes the complexity managing growth, while interfacing well with the technological advancement in your industry.
        • Our implementation results in a breakthrough that is built on the future development of core competencies, so your company can innovate successfully.
        • Our skills help you learn how to formulate more effective policies and systems to streamline focus, agility, performance, productivity and speed to market.
        • Our assessment and accountability of internal and external stakeholders challenge remedial action and new growth spurt.
        • Our methods keep your business on track to continuously create value for customers, to ensure continuous growth in sales revenue.
        • Our analytics provide key insight to ensure a sharper focus on revenue growth and financial empowerment, so it is easier to reboot your business.
        • Our technical and marketing strategies leverage social and other digital platforms to keep your business branding and growing on auto-pilot.
        • Our intransitive, holistic approach makes your results more predictive, so you always hold a positive and clear vision for where your company is moving.

    Our business planning is not a drawn-out complicated process.
    We expertly balance out 4 components that affect branding, marketability, feasibility, and growth.
    We get the job done effectively and quickly!

    See for yourself.